Igus energy chain catalog

No minimum order quantity! Modular system for complex movement. Request the kit now! FTA Floating moving end Compensation of parallel errors at long travels. To the energy chains catalogue.

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Especially in agricultural applications, you need solutions that can standup to Calculate service life Calculate the service life of an energy chain. PMA protective hoses To protect flexible electric cables, power cables, robotic cables, data cables etc. Reliable in offshore applications Carry sensitive bus, data and fiber optic cables and energy sources such as electricity, gas, air and liquids. E1 System energy chain in one strip Modular, one-piece band for simple applications.

igus® Cable carriers for moving applications

Universal kit for any application System E Huge, modular construction kit. R e-tubes - low cost chip protection Lids snap open along outer radius from both sides. The product finder enables you to get a quick overview of all energy chains.

Extremely low noise operation up to 38 dB A. Assembled to your exact requirements - delivery time days! Go to chaib configurator. W ear isense EC.

From the light and all-purpose "Super-Aluminum guide trough" up to the simple and cost-effective insert trough. PMA cable protection - product overview.

Strain relief Secure cables and hoses Chainfix clamps, tiewrap clamps, strain relief blocks for hoses, and quick-install clips. Maintenance-free plain and linear ejergy solutions Enclosed or easily fillable.

General information about energy chain cable carriers

Offers a large interior space for multiple cables and hoses. PMA protective hoses Diverse selection of tubes and accessories For the protection of flexible, electrical cables. Cost down, life up. Prevent downtime in shipyards Small pitch, quiet operation.

igus® energy chains®, drag chain and plastic chains for cables and hoses

The use of plastic plain bearingsfacilitates 8 times longer service life. Inner height 29mm, low-vibration, very light. Energ company's expert knowledge is being refined continuously with the help of its customers and is then incorporated into the products produced. Technical environment - material igumid. Because of the sliding motion and elimination Instead of spending valuable time assembling an energy chain system, now engineers can focus on what they were hired to do.

Requirements 1 to 7 Travel distance 1 to 6 Cataog resistance Torsion1 to 4 1 to 3Tell us what Closed and easy cuain equip energy tubes for 2 and 3 axes as well as circular and spiral motion; modular design. Packagingigus solutions for the packaging industry Low-cost and quick-fill cable carriers.

Gliding - long travels.

High speeds and accelerations possible. Developed to guide and protect moving cables and hoses energy chain cable carriers are the umbilical cord of modern machines.

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