Wifi windsurfer template

If you need consistent signal boosting in a larger area, or for a small business, you'll likely want to stick with a purchased Wi-Fi extender, and preferably one made by the same company that made your router. Click here for manufactured wireless extender throughput results. Always keep your antennae parallel if you have more than one. Make sure the "Keep Square" square remains square in shape if you re-size the template image.

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How to build your own Windsurfer Antenna | RC Helimenace

With all the materials in hand, you can make either of these extenders in about 20 minutes. Without further ado, here are 6 great tips on how to get better windsurrer and boost wireless mobile hotspot speed by 5 times. First off, the original JPG template was serviceable but rather crude and was a bit too large for the antennas of my router and the shelf space I had them in.

Told me 3 times they were gonna add funds because service was so bad in my area and did not.

Windsurfer Antenna Template

Just what I was looking for, would love to DL the Letter wiri. I personally found it tedious cutting out the figures from the template and a little tricky getting the thing assembled, though.

Here are 9 free software for identifying all the wifi channels in your neighborhood. Thank you very much!

Here now are the directions on how this whole thing comes together. You can try building the parabola and experiment with placement around the wivi. So I did a little tweaking and came up with my refined version of the original Windsurfer which I guess I dub Windsurfer 2. Your email address will not be published.

Most premium consumer routers are now shipping with internal antennas. Anyway I am using my phones hotspot to get online with my PS3.

The pro and cons are: These results are not particularly scientific and are just meant to give you an idea of what to expect. If you still experience slow connection or high packet loss via Wifi and your router is a cheap model given free by your ISP My own experience, I thought the ISP connection was bad but it turns out to be the cheap routerI have bad news for you — it is time to change the router.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the Windsurf template image. For those of you with multiple antennae, we recommend building multiple extenders.

How to Make Your Own WiFi Extenders that Actually Work | Comparitech

More From Samara iCPooch. It was the smaller of the two designs and, to me, the better looking. This paper should be strong enough to make a durable reflector, but thin enough for your printer to print on. Bruce Bridges [ Reply ].

Now take your other template and apply your glue stick entirely over the other side. Here's what I saw:. Your mileage may vary. Erin McManaway holds a B. If your wireless router has more than one antenna, you should create a Windsurf booster for each. Made one for my Phantom 3 Standard and so far the max range has increased drastically. Prior to that, the packet loss is so high that browsing the internet means refreshing the webpages often.

Has anyone come up with a fix for a wifi router without external antennas? The wifi range rose to feet10 feet further than the Windsurfer widsurfer 30 feet more than no extender at all.

Any time I review a wireless extender, some reader typically leaves a comment about just making a homemade extender to avoid paying for one. Place heavyweight paper in your printer, such as a sheet of card stock. Note that this will weaken the signal in the opposite direction.

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