Ansi a117.1-2003

Knee clearance shall be permitted to extend 25 inches mm maxi- mum under an element at 9 inches mm above the floor. The telephone and emergency signaling device shall comply with Section All steps on a flight of stairs shall have uniform riser height and uniform tread depth.

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Call buttons shall be raised or flush. In addition, a vertical grab bar 18 inches mm minimum in length shall be mounted with the bot- tom of the bar located between 39 inches mm and 41 inches mm above the floor, and with the center line andi the bar located 47 Chapter 6.

ANSI A117.1 (2003): Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

Yes, my password is: In Type B units located in institutional facili- ties and assisted living facilities, two swing-up grab bars shall be permitted to be installed in lieu of a117.12003 rear wall and ajsi wall grab bars.

Department of Housing and Urban Development joined the Sec- retariat and sponsored needed research, which resulted in the edition. Floor surfaces of platform lifts shall comply with Section Special Rooms and Spaces 75 Figure Elevator car controls shall not be required to comply asni Section The visible sig- nal elements shall be 2V 2 inches 64 mm min- imum measured along the vertical centerline Visual and tactile information Tactile information 60 degree typ for equilateral triangle Q Fig.

There shall be a volume control for the speech function.

Accessibility PocketBook: IBC : ICC/ANSI A -

In existing elevators, a signal indicat- ing the direction of car travel shall not be required. Truncated domes shall have a center-to-center spacing of 1. Top loading machines shall have the door to the laundry compartment 36 inches mm maximum above the floor. The level of illumination at the car controls, platform, and car threshold and landing sill shall be 5 foot-candles 54 lux mini- mum.

Swinging hoistway doors shall open and close automatically and shall comply with Sections Numeric keys shall be arranged in a key ascending or descending tele- phone keypad layout. Door closers and door stops shall be per- mitted to be 78 inches 1 mm minimum above the floor. Power operated doors and gates shall remain open for 20 seconds minimum when activated. Tactile characters shall comply with Section Car control buttons with floor designations shall be raised or flush, and shall comply with Section The indication of an uppercase letter or letters shall only be used before the first word of sentences, proper nouns and names, individual letters of the alphabet, ini- tials, or acronyms.

Transfer-type shower compartments shall have a clear inside dimension of 36 inches mm in width and 36 inches mm in depth, measured at the center point of opposing sides.

The outlet of the dis- penser shall be 15 inches mm minimum and 48 inches 1 mm maximum above the floor, and shall not be located behind the grab bars.

Cavities created by added kick plates shall be capped.

ANSI A vs. | The Building Code Forum

Toilet compartment doors shall not swing into the required minimum area of the com- partment. Between 9 inches mm and 27 inches mm above the floor, the knee clearance shall be permitted to be reduced at a rate of 1 inch 25 mm for each 6 inches mm in height.

Committee approval of the Standard does not necessarily imply that all Committee members voted for its approval. The lead- ing edge of such guardrail or barrier shall be 27 inches mm maximum above the ahsi. Grab bars for water closets shall comply with Section Where access aisles are marked with lines, the width measurements of access aisles and adjacent parking a117.1-2030 shall be made from the center- line of the markings.

Francis Vineyard likes this. Accessible Routes General In ambulatory accessible ansj partments complying with Section Dwelling Units and Sleeping Units 89 Figure The force for pushing or pulling open doors other than fire doors shall be as follows: Seats shall not be sprung to return to a lifted position. Operable parts shall comply with Section

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