Star wars saga edition character sheet

Recommend using "power" or "maneuver". June 8, Pull Request Anything which affects both weapons could be included in the Damage or Attack Roll Formulas.

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The text will appear when a 20 is rolled to remind the user the suite is refreshed.

Star Wars D20 Saga Edition Character Sheet

Additionally in the macro, I added another whisper to let myself, the GM, know when a character requested their status. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Resources Find the right game for you! March 10, Pull Request July 8, Pull Request Please refrain characyer personal attacks and any homophobic comments.

Starting with the number you assigned for Less up to a step below More, assign the other DCs, Available formultiples of 5. Equipment sections handles personal equipment using repeatable inputs.

The Damage input field weapon base damage can be left blank.

Retrieved from " https: July 4, Pull Request I was wondering if anyone knew of a good star wars saga edition character sheet preferably editable, or with formulas that I could use for my group?

The skills sections lists all 25 skills including the different knowledges detailed in the Core Rulebook.

Star wars saga edition excel/Google docs character sheet? : rpg

Meaning if 2nd weapon is a crit then no crit damage is rolled. Notice that the weapon's base damage is set in the roll template rather than using the Weapon Damage input field on the sheet. October 9, Pull Request Size modifier for Reflex is changed from the header dropdown and will be taken into account for Reflex charactef Flatfooted.

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The caveat is that there is no one button which can be used within custom macros. July 3, Pull Request Meaning if 2nd attack is a crit then no crit damage is rolled. Drawn from the inspiration of the Stat Block located in the books, this section hosts areas to store encounter based abilities Talents and Feats. Want to add to the discussion? October 10, Pull Request It's used in tracking armor and related modifiers.

November 8, Pull Request It is advised to put the roll itself [[ inline ]] or you will get the full math formula displayed. June 22, Pull Request Recommend using "power" or "maneuver". Include any unique modifiers which affect individual weapons to the Roll Template for example the Tech Specialist updrades. All checks will be inline: The following are revealable sections which are useful to have near the top for quick reference.

Custom can be replaced with any value you wish and you can add as many 'custom' fields as you wish. A button for the related skill has been included for quick use. Session time is short so I was hoping to streamline it as much as possible Thank you all for your time!

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