Ultramarathon man confessions of an all-night runner

Nov 23, Liz rated it it was ok. The book is really short. It made me feel like going out running. I didn't realize until after I'd read this book and given it a 4-star rating that people were dumping on it for his egotism.

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At first, Karnazes ran direct routes from school to his home. He prefers to talk about encounters with normal people who are impressed by his antics and think, "Oh Dean, you so crazy!

He paid for his education by obtaining scholarships and grants, and by working at a campus health center. A non-stop adventure in the heat of Death Valley, the bone-chilling cold of the South Pole, over mountains, through forests — all while running. I believe them when they say this, because the average person in all-nkght way could train himself to run a hundred mile race under extreme conditions. Views Read Edit View history.

I can't recall him mentioning any other runners he meets along the way. This running memoir written without a coauthor paints the picture of an insanely dedicated-some may say just plain insane-athlete.

First of all, I don't know very many groups of high schoolers who "hang out at late-night coffee shops and read Kafka and Kerouac. He's the first to admit that he is only human, that he too falls sometimes. For Karnazes, the dream and the passion meet at running.

He was sore, but he was also hooked. Dec 05, Timothy Allen rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The result is Karnazes produces an athletic memoir which is grounded in humanity while confdssions inhuman accomplishments.

He has opened ultrarunning to the wider world. Definitely a must read for all those who want to push themselves but don't know where to start!! But this book is! Lastly, you have to consider that he repeatedly refers to himself as crazy in the book, an attribution I've seen from other amazing distance runners, David Clark "Out There" coming to mind. You can almost feel it vibrating off of the pages of this book. After that running became a regular part of his life, and then a more than regular part of his life as he began training for marathons, then ultramarathons, then ultra-ultra marathons — runni Dean Karnazes is one crazy endurance athlete.

Ultramarathon Man

Karnazes at the Napa Valley Marathon expo. Fifteen years later, on his 30th birthday inon the verge of an early midlife crisis, he threw on his old shoes and ran 30 miles on a whim. The 10 Best Emily Dickinson Poems.

Dean Karnazes is so into himself that it's difficult to get a glimpse of ultrarunning through him. Karnazes wants each of us to realize the power of our dreams, to not just have them but to strive to attain them--no matter what they be.

Archived from the original on March 24, Want to Read saving…. Preview — Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes. He obviously has an incredibly supportive wife who made his feats possible. They feel like the time and devotion spent on chasing their dreams were wasted.

Ultramarathon man : confessions of an all-night runner

This is the story of Dean Karnazes and his life as it unfolded after that night. He's pushed the limit so far it seems unlikely that anyone will challenge his feats anytime soon.

Aug 04, Matt Frazier rated it liked it. And I get that anyone who writes a memoir would want to shine themselves in a flattering light, so I understand Karnazes' decision to focus on races that he finished.

I did not expect Ultramarathon Man to be a tearjerker, but it was. He makes the book easy to read, profound, awe inspiring and a testament to what the human body is capable of achieving, if only you are willing to push yourself.

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