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The lawyer startlingly wins, and, breaking his promise, he accepts a rematch. The Chess novella offers only one way out of this dilemma: Book ratings by Goodreads. At any rate, Zweig sacrifices a lot of realism for the sake of symbolism. The solitary confinement in a complete vacuum, a room hermetically cut off from outside world, as intended to create pressure not from without, through violence and the cold, but from within, and to open lips of people eventually.

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It seemed as exciting as snail racing. Nxb5 And commenting about that, it's quite odd to pick "protagonist" and "antagonist" in this story.

Sure, both are masters on the royal game, but honestly, neither of them are enjoying to play it anymore. Or his own past is also kinda exculpatory of his current personality? Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck. The novella starts with stefsn recount of Mirko Czentovic's story, the world chess champion.

A Chess Story : Stefan Zweig :

In the novel, the chess games that take place on the ship can be described as classic parables: The concept of playing chess 'against oneself' is a masterfully brilliant character deconstruction. Yet how difficult, how impossible it is to imagine the life of an intellectually active person who reduces the world to a shuttle between black and white, who seeks fulfillment in a mere to-and-fro, forward-and-back of thirty-two pieces, someone for whom a new opening that allows the knight to be advanced instead of the pawn is in itself a great accomplishment and a meager little piece of immortality in a corner of a chess book—someone, someone with a brain in his head, who, without going mad, continues over and over for ten, twenty, thirty, forty years to devote all the force of his thought to the ridiculous end of cornering a wooden king on a wooden board!

A face-off is suggested, and the mysterious opponent nervously accepts, aware that he had not played chess for almost twenty-five years. As a rule, in order to decide who should start I held a white and a black chessman behind my back, one in each fist, according to the rules of the game. He covered all possible genres: Zweig's was troubled by the isolation from his country Austriahis people, his culture.

A young man whose ignorance was universal in all fields, but played chess like no one in the world and was now visiting my dear Buenos Aires.

Take a second to support The Mookse and the Gripes on Patreon! In all of them, chess is mentioned repeatedly.

I'd love one, replied Edith, lowering her eyes as the others left the room. The capital of the island was nevertheless bombed, which encouraged Zweig's decision to immigrate to America. I enjoyed Eight very much.

Chess Story

One may have thoughts with oneself but even thoughts, however insubstantial may be seem, need something as a reference to fix upon, or they begin to rotate and circle aimlessly around themselves; even they fail to tolerate vacuum, so lifeless were those confinements. The book sold well but received negative feedback from critics, who considered it excessively acquiescent and agreeable with the prevailing political system.

The story is filled with references to historical episodes that show the extraordinary instability of a country damaged by weak democratic governments and ferocious military dictatorships. Open Preview See a Problem?

October 9th, 2 Zwegi.

The Royal Game - Wikipedia

Jun 14, Alejandro rated it really liked it Recommended to Alejandro by: This book is about the workings of the mind. Tender is the Night F. Zweig had a keen eye to deal with the psychological aspects of human beings with the simplicity that characterizes great writers. Enter our hero, Dr. A despair that finally brought him to kill himself. Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe.

They have stability, while the preceding novels were rather fluctuating, like the coloristic glide of clouds or dreams.

Zweig: A Chess Story and a dramatic death

For the reader it is easy to identify those mental phenomena, because Zweig focuses on the effects that an object, which is both simple and complex, can provide. He is subjected to permanent emotional stress: I think that anybody thinks that the victor is smarter than the loser. Nov 27, zweiy.

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