China mieville kraken

I have realized that I really, really like the urban magic genre probably because I can relate to it easier than, let's say, forest magic- I have no contact with forests , so this book was basically perfect for me. Kraken then is a mixture of thriller, horror, urban fantasy. What the frak did I just read? Very soon I ran out of bookmark. But here's the thing - even the weakest book by His Chinaness is still better that the strongest offerings of most other writers.

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Because real people are such assholes. Not all the familiars were embodied.

The violent, intimidating villain duos who chase the protagonists throughout both books share oraken, descriptions, roles, and ironically erudite soliloquies. What have you written? Mostly, in the middlingly complex space-time where people live, these pickets looked like nothing at all.

Open Preview See a Problem? Kraken is Mieville at his creative best, building a detailed and immersive world with a complex and layered plot that — in this case, quite literally — could mean the end of the world.

SF Kraken / China Miéville ★★★★

Kraken is pulp fantasy, isn't it? But, for readers who enjoy a complex setup and completely unexpected reveal, this may be the read for you. I like the SRC, especially Collingswood. Jun 10, Whitaker rated it really liked it Shelves: Tolkien Harpist in the Wind by Patricia A.

We got a major turf war of gods and their believers ravaging London. The characters are vibrant, interesting, and flawed, but not human, they are too perfectly constructed and unchanging.

But at every stage I want to yell, "But, why?! Bottom-line, this is an experience book, where the journey through clever, gorgeous prose is worth a few scratches of head and the beauty and majesty of the commentary more than outweighs the periodic moments of stunned mievillr. The two aren't all that different.

Kraken by China Miéville

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Return to Book Page. View all 15 comments. All comments must meet the community standards outlined in Tor. And who needs lsd if you've mievjlle a dram of mollusk ink? It deserves to be savoured and gloated over, perhaps even stopping a bit to roll the cadences of copspeak off your tongue to feel its beat.

Bush, turning Reagan into a hero, etc. The hosts talked to him about the novel, which was noteworthy to them I guess because it had a vampire in it. We've got a bumbling test-tube nerd who preserves specimens turning out to be the big hero, and we've got a security guard sacrificing his live to ink.

Tweets by SFReviewsnet The ocean terrifies me. Kraken - Mieville [Jan 30, ] 22 31 Feb 17, Newbook, with cities and cities. Kraken is one I enjoyed muchly, primarily due to its absurdity, the absence of didacticism Four and a half squids https: But no one told me about the real, working Tribble.

Go check it out! May 12, J. You just won't listen, will you? Set in modern-day London, Kraken is a drastic change of scenery from the otherworldly novels that preceded it.

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