Sienkiewicz trylogia

These are the adentures of the noble Yan Skshetuski, a soldier in the service of Prince Yeremi Vishnovyetzki, who serves his country even as he fights for the love of a princess; Longinus Podbipyenta, a giant of a man, sworn to celibacy until he can behead three foes at once with the sword of his ancestors; Michal Volodyovski, the smallest swordsman; and Pan Zagloba, the greatest drinker and liar of them all. Henryk Sienkiewicz wrote this book to make Polish people feel better. Return to Book Page. And as a note, pardon any spelling mistakes beforehand.

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Ogniem i mieczem (Trylogia, #1) by Henryk Sienkiewicz

The Battle scenes are impelling and tense, There are tense scenes, love, hate, and funny parts. The first thing that struck me was the importance of nature. Yes, certain words and phrases, when directly translated always mean something. Wonderful story, engaging characters, dramatic history and for Americans it has the added attraction of being about a place and time that many sienkieaicz us are not familiar with. He was easy to see on his milky white stallion, with his own banner sienklewicz a Hetman's horsetail standard carried over him, and with pine-pitch torches blazing all around him.

Second Third in the series.

Ogniem i mieczem

This is an essential read for all of Polish background. Its an adventure story that's hard to put down Sienkiewicz resurrected the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth at a time when Poland had been wiped off the map for almost years and policies sienkieiwcz cultural eradication were being implemented especially by Prussia and Russia, the latter segment from which Sienkiewicz came from.

So I read this at my husband's urging, it is a Polish classic and I guess everyone there knows the story and characters. The novel ends with decription of Polish victory in battle of Beresteczko, but the hate poisoned brotherly blood. Oct 10, Chrissie marked it as own-unread Shelves: Articles lacking in-text citations from December All articles lacking in-text citations All articles with unsourced sienkiewucz Articles with unsourced statements from May All stub articles.

Chmielnicki avoids besieging Kudak. Colonel Wolodyjowski film.

Potop (Trylogia, #2) by Henryk Sienkiewicz

The prince decides to send an envoy, in a group led by Pan Sir Bychowiec Bykhovetsto the Sitch to find out about Chmielnicki. Michener and the introduction for further detail. It was like reading a wooden story by an author of adventure books for young adults instead of a well written story by a great author. While I did pick up the more modern Kuniczak translation, I suspect this book is much better in the original.

Lots of names, frequently intervalled by nick names, family names or noble titles referring to the same person; thus making it impossible to clearly follow the plot. Though the writing does have a tendency to get heavy, and the numerous name and nick-names of the many characters confusing, it is an sidnkiewicz must-read.

There are no words to describe this book. Sienkiewicz researched memoirs and chronicles of the Polish nobility, or szlachtafor details on life in 17th-century Poland. Nov 01, Andrei Istrate rated it did not like it.

Ogniem i mieczem: Trylogia Sienkiewicza 1

He was an amazing hero! Ogniem i mieczem Trylogia, 1 3. If Sienkiewicz got a Nobel for this and other similar books inthen how come Jorge Amado never got one for his great depictions of Brazil, or Yashar Kemal for Turkey?

There are great love stories between knights and ladies. Feb 22, Stephen rated it it was amazing. If you flinch before gory impalements, piles of corpses, and long, bloody battles, probably you should give this one a miss. The book describes a horrific time in Poland when the country was plunged into a civil war while being attacked by the Swede's, Russian's, German's all at the same time.

He became a nationalist and dropped the Positivist style. Part of this is because he takes the historicity of details that Sir Walter Scott used so well and imbibes it with the radiance, picaresque adventurism and overall joviality that makes the works of Alexandre Dumas as fun to read as they are thought-provoking. Fairly accurate historical fiction, it tells the story of the rebellion of Hmyelnitski and the civil war that developed.

But he surprised me by becoming the most likeable member of the whole cast.

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