5 cfr 2635

Parts 5 - Title 38 - Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief. Title 47 - Telecommunication.

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The company is bidding against five European companies and the statutory mission of the Department of Commerce includes assisting the export activities of U. Suite Washington, DC Subpart G - Misuse of Position.

Title 12 - Banks and Banking. Title 16 - Commercial Practices. He may sign a letter of recommendation using his official title only in response to a request for an employment recommendation or character reference based upon personal knowledge of the ability or character cfe an individual with whom he has dealt in the course of Federal employment or whom he is recommending for Federal employment.

Title 7 - Agriculture.

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Parts 2 - Text of Regulation Inthe President's Commission on Federal Ethics Law Reform recommended that individual agency standards of conduct be replaced with a single regulation applicable to all cff of the executive branch.

An employee shall not use or permit the use of his Government position or title or any authority associated with his public office to endorse any product, service or enterprise except:. Title 49 - Transportation. Parts 50 - For example, an agency purchasing agent could not place an agency order for computer software with a company owned by his wife.

Title 28 - Judicial Administration. Subpart F - Seeking 26335 Employment.

Offering to pursue a relative's consumer complaint over a household appliance, an employee of the Securities and Exchange Commission called the general counsel of the manufacturer and, in the course of discussing the problem, stated that he worked cf the SEC and was responsible for reviewing the company's filings.

Title 4 - Accounts. Title 42 - Public Health.

5 CFR 2635.702 - Use of public office for private gain.

Title 38 - Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief. A Foreign Commercial Service officer from the Department 235 Commerce is asked by a United States telecommunications company to meet with representatives of the Government of Spain, which is in the process of procuring telecommunications services and equipment.

United States Code U. Title 1 - General Provisions. The provision includes alternatives to nonparticipation, which may involve selling or giving up the conflicting interest or obtaining a statutory waiver 2365 will permit the employee to 22635 to perform specific official duties.

Title 37 - Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights. Title 9 - Animals and Animal Products. Toc - Table Of Contents Parts - The subpart also contains guidance on returning or paying for gifts that cannot be accepted.

USOGE | 5 C.F.R. Part Standards of ethical conduct for employees of the executive branch

However, it does not include items that clearly are not gifts, such as publicly available discounts and commercial loans and it does not include certain inconsequential items, such as coffee, donuts, greeting cards, and certificates. There are procedures by which employees may be authorized to participate in such matters when cfe serves the employing agency's interests.

As part of his official duties, the Foreign Commercial Service officer may meet with Spanish officials and explain the advantages of procurement from the United States company. Title 26 - Internal Revenue.

An employee of the Department of Commerce was asked by a friend to determine why his firm's export license had not yet been granted by cffr office within the Department of Commerce. An employee is no longer "seeking employment" with the recipient of an unsolicited resume after two months have passed with no response. Nor may he do so in a book review published in a newspaper.

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The second provision, entitled "Extraordinary payments from former employers," restricts employees' participation in certain matters involving former employers.

Title 3 - The President. Subpart B - Gifts from Outside Sources Subpart B prohibits employees from soliciting or accepting gifts from cfd sources or gifts given because of their official position.

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