Samudrika shastra

They should not be broken, islanded, chained, wavy, crocked, broad and shallow. If the index finger is normal and the marks on the hand are not unfavourable, ne will occupy a good position in life. A white spot on the nail of the middle finger foretells a joumev, and a black spot denotes impending ruin. It flourished in Greece, where it found favour with those who are now lionoured in various fields of human learning, such as Aristotle, Pliny, Paracelsus, Albertus Magnus, and the emperor Augustus.

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Full text of "Hast Samudrika Shastra"

On 11th of October Jupiter moves to Scorpio, know its effects on your life! If I said he would do well, I should have been false to myself; and if I foretold failure, the young man would be upset and discouraged. It might be objected that the study of hand-reading is likely to foster superstition among the students. This art can be traced back to Hindu scriptures and also has a key mention in the Garuda Purana. Tlie skin is thick and red, often presenting a mottled appearance.

Mount of upper Mars, of resistance, resignation and courage.

Samudrika Shastra

Larger upper phalanges of the fingers denote constructive ability. This subject does everything in a diplomatic way, and knows how to approach people in the right manner, and to gain his ends sastra suitable means. It is called the mark of preservation. These outstanding palmists have made it what it is today, and to them we owe an immense debt of gratitude.

When the fourth toe does not touch the ground while walking, a woman becomes a widow and remarries. But a person with a predominant Jupiter mount and a long Jupiter finger is likely to be of medium height, very strongly built and inclined to be fleshy.

The eyebrows often grow together over the nose. The third line called the line of Heart is called tlie line of Life or Jivan and Shilgun. But this much can be said; the mark of eminence and success has invariably been present at the time of the hand-reading. His lower limbs stand in danger of paralysis. The palmist consequently has to discriminate when reading a hand by examining closely each finger-tip. Women who have redness around the end of the white part of their eyes are very fortunate and enjoy worldly pleasures.

Forehead Without veins showing through, without hair, like a half Moon, even, width equal to that of 4 fingers are signs of a fortunate girl blessed with children and husband.

It should also be noted how far the lines are undefective. Spread out, flat, long or uneven are unlucky.

This makes for an unbalanced, futile life. Face readingEach feature on your face has a unique structure, lines and marks.

Mounts of Planets in Hand Future Point. If a woman has a wide thumb, it indicates widowhood. Samudriika denotes great general talent and adaptability. The second phalange of Saturn, if comparatively long, de- notes a love of agriculture and mechanical occupations, and also a fondness for outdoor life.

Audible Download Audio Books. Since palm is t According to shastras, a joint eyebrow is not a good sign for women, unlike it is for men.

It is samudrija has a key mention in the ancient Hindu text, the Garuda Purana. If the second is long, it indicates ambition and love of domination. Height and Elasticity of the Mount, This should be studied, for upoD these two factors rests the force of the subject's senses and emotions.

Samudrika Shastra: These physical features in women reveal their true nature!

If the 2nd toe is longer than great toe, it indicates conjugal happiness before and after marriage. They have been seen on famous hands, and I have given examples in later pages of this book.

Articles in this Issue Related Articles Views: If you come across an individual with developed brow line, you would know he is observant and dexterous.

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