Tales of the dervishes idries shah

Such tales are known as teaching-stories — a genre that dates back to time immemorial — and the ones in this remarkable book were collected by author Idries Shah from classical literature written in Persian, Arabic, Turkish and other languages, as well as from oral sources and traditional teaching-story collections. I dig the originality and orientalist flavor as well as it seeming kind of secular or non-religious, but this might just be Idries Shah's spin on it to make it more appealing to Westerners or non-muslims? Shah came to be recognised as a spokesman for Sufism in the West and lectured as a visiting professor at a number of Western universities.

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Bagus sekali, awalnya dedvishes ini adalah ragam manuskrip timur tengah yg di terjemahkan ke Bahasa Indonesia menjadi kumpulan cerpen klasik para sufi yg sangat menginspirasi kehidupan manusia dan idfies, walau pengetahuan saya terbatas dan kurang memahami beberapa cerpen didalamnya. Dervish tales are more than fable, legend, or folklore. More about Idries Shah. Nov 03, Dan Sperling rated it it was amazing.

Shah came to be recognised as a spokesman for Sufism in the West and lectured as a visiting professor at a number of Western universities. His notes frequently claim that talew tale has zhah layers of meaning.

Tales of the Dervishes Idries Shah Limited preview - These are teaching stories in the Sufi tradition. Looking for More Great Reads? The second told him that drum beating was a sacred activity and should be carried out only on special occasions. May 16, James Klagge rated it liked it Shelves: The wise men consulted one another, and threw themselves into deep contemplation, and finally they came to a decision as to the character of this ring which would suit their king.

Read it Forward Read it first. As I understand it, while Sufis see themselves as compatible with all forms of Islam, the Sunnis and Shiites tend to see them as heretical.

Enjoyable collection of parables from the Muslim world that straddles the line between Aesop's Fables and Nights. The third offered the neighbors plugs for their ears; the fourth gave the boy a book; the fifth gave the neighbors books that described a method of controlling anger through biofeedback; the sixth gave the boy meditation exercises to make him placid and explained that all reality was imagination.

Tales of the Dervishes is essential reading for anyone interested in Sufi thought, the significance and history tals tales, or simply superb entertainment.

There are many Sufi orders in the Middle East, thy each have levels and various initiations which is appropriate for mystical o Sufism is the mystical side of Islam. Idries Shah was an author and teacher in the Sufi tradition who wrote dozens of books on topics ranging from psychology to spiritualilty to travelogues to dervisyes anthropological studies.

Derviwhes guru asked him how he had got on: In his writings, Shah presented Sufism as a universal form of wisdom that predated Islam. Without a moment's hesitation Nasrudin dived into the river and started to swim upstream. Shortly before he died, Shah stated that his books form a complete course that could fulfil the function he had fulfilled while alive.

Tales of the Dervishes by Idries Shah | homesweethome.site

Feb 25, Steve Cran dervisues it it was amazing. The Aberdonian was interested. Together with The Exploits of Mulla Nasrudinpublished the year before, it represented the first of several books of practical Sufi instructional materials to be released by Idries Shah.

He is perhaps best known for his collections of humorous Mulla Nasrudin stories. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Sufi Stories

In addition to Bible stories I also used other stories. This page was last edited on 12 Octoberat Tales of the Dervishes: The neighbor returned them, together with one extra one - a very tiny pot.

Some of these tales are populated with strange animals and Jinn. The Idiot in the Great City. An outcast princess creates a new life in the wilderness.

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